Mrs. Kenya: Pride of the Nation

Pamoja Voice Africa will be holding “Mrs. Kenya: Pride of the Nation,” an annual prestigious beauty pageant that seeks to celebrate the elegance, intelligence, and achievements of married women in Kenya. This pageant will showcase the diverse talents and qualities of married women, highlighting their contributions to their families, communities, and the nation. Mrs. Kenya aims to recognize and empower married women, providing them with a platform to shine and inspire others with their stories of success.


The primary objective of the Mrs. Kenya beauty pageant is to honor the multifaceted roles of married women in Kenyan society and showcase their exceptional abilities, talents, and accomplishments while promoting the 3 objectives of Pamoja Voice Africa, that is Good Health and well-being, Quality Education, and Gender Equality.

This event will empower married women, boost their confidence, and promote a positive impact on their families, careers, and communities. By providing a platform for recognition and appreciation, Mrs. Kenya will inspire other women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Event Format

  • Application and Selection: Eligible married women from across Kenya can submit their applications, including personal details, achievements, and a brief description of their contributions and aspirations.
  • Orientation and Training: Selected participants will undergo an orientation program to familiarize themselves with the pageant’s objectives, rules, and expectations. Experts in these fields will guide and mentor the contestants to help them develop their skills and confidence.
  • Traditional Attire Showcase: This segment will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Kenya, with participants showcasing traditional attires that represent different regions and ethnicities.
  • Talent Showcase: Each contestant will have the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, such as singing, dancing, poetry, or any other skill they possess.
  • Evening Gown and Fashion Show: Participants will exude elegance and sophistication as they grace the stage in stunning evening gowns.
  • Question and Answer Session: This segment will test the contestants’ intellect, eloquence, and ability to express their thoughts.

Crowning Ceremony: The judges’ evaluations will determine the winners in various categories, including “Mrs. Kenya,” “Mrs Kenya First Runner-up,” and “Mrs Kenya Second Runner-up.”

Impacts and Benefits

  • Empowerment and Recognition: Mrs. Kenya will empower married women by recognizing and appreciating their roles, achievements, and contributions. It will provide a platform for participants to gain confidence, build networks, and inspire other women to pursue their dreams.
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: This pageant will embrace Kenya’s rich cultural diversity by showcasing traditional attires from different regions and ethnic groups, promoting unity and understanding among participants and audiences alike.
  • Inspiring Role Models: Mrs. Kenya will inspire married women across Kenya, providing them with relatable role models who have achieved success in various fields while balancing their familial responsibilities.
  • Philanthropy and Social Impact: The pageant will encourage contestants to support and raise awareness about social causes and initiatives, allowing them to positively impact their communities and contribute to the nation’s development.

Event Format

  • Requirements To Enter Mrs. Kenya Pride of the Nation

    • Female, between the ages of 25 and 50 in 2023
    • Be legally married with a valid marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriages office in Kenya.
    • Be in possession of a valid Kenyan Identity Document.
    • There are no restrictions on educational background, height, weight, or tattoos.
    • No prior pageant or modelling experience is required.

Entries For 2023, Will Open on This Website In September 2023.

All potential entrants are encouraged to follow Mrs Kenya Pride of the Nation on all social media channels.