Mrs. Heritage International Kenya

Heritage Pageants is an ultimate international beauty pageant that endeavors to promote Peace, Environment, Tourism, Culture, and above all global Heritage (PETCH) from a global perspective. 

Mrs. Heritage International Kenya is a woman between 25 – 55 years of age who would be taking the responsibility to be a role model for a global heritage woman. She is willing to dedicate a year of her life as the sole representative for promoting heritage conservation. She acts as a role model for today’s women and a spokeswoman for Heritage Pageants.

Mrs. Heritage International Kenya models are mature, driven, ambitious, and most of all real, relatable women who strive to be the best versions of themselves. Some are wives, in some cases mothers, some are entrepreneurs, and most are change makers, some are businesswomen, and others are homemakers, but they all want the best for their families and their community. They are brave, bonafide superwomen.

This is another way to prove and explore the possibility, potential, and personality of these women from another dimension. Through this platform, women can harness the unacknowledged potential that they possess and bring out their individuality and renew self-love.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Status- Married/ Divorced/ Single Mom/ Widow
  • Registration Fee- Kes 4,500
  • Age- 25-55 years old
  • Height- No specific requirement
  • Weight- No specific requirement
  • Language- Kiswahili, English, Native Language

NOTE: The act of completing and submitting your online entry form constitutes a binding agreement acknowledging that the above, as well as the terms and conditions & Privacy Policy, noted on the website, has been read, understood, and accepted by the entrant.

Terms and Conditions

Pre-requisites for entering Mrs. Heritage International Kenya

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to enter Mrs. Heritage International Kenya. While we do screen and conduct the relevant checks, it is the contestant’s responsibility to check and ensure compliance with the criteria.

  • Entrant/Contestant has a Kenyan Identity Document and is a citizen or permanent resident within the Republic of Kenya, with their indicated gender as female.
  • Entrant/Contestant is between the ages of 25 and 55 and should be turning 25 or 55 years of age in 2023.
  • Entrant/Contestant has a valid passport for travel purposes. If the Entrant/Contestant does not possess a valid passport, she must apply for and obtain one as soon as reasonably possible. This is because she may need a passport for an international competition should she win.
  • Entrant/Contestant should not be or fall pregnant during the journey. Mrs. Heritage International Kenya promotes and encourages family values and Mrs. Heritage International Kenya does not discriminate against pregnancy, it will be physically strenuous for both the contestant (and fetus) to compete in Mrs. Heritage International Kenya and at an international level (if she wins Mrs. Heritage International Kenya) while maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
  • Entrant/Contestant must not have been involved in any past activities that may place Mrs. Heritage International Kenya, its Pageant, and/or organizers in a compromised and/or humiliating light publicly or privately. These activities include, but are not limited to criminality, prostitution, nude public appearances, nude photography, and nude videography. Should this come to light, Mrs. Heritage International Kenya reserves the right to revoke the entrant/contestant’s title with immediate effect.
  • Entrant/Contestant must not have a past or present criminal record or be involved in any criminality of any kind.
  • Entrant/Contestant must not be an immediate family member of Mrs. Heritage International Kenya’s executive team.
  • Entrant/Contestant may be any height or weight as this is NOT restricted, as a condition for entry.
  • Entrant/Contestant may or may not have tattoos as this is NOT restricted, as a condition for entry.
  • Entrant/Contestant may have some educational background as this is not a condition for entry.
  • Entrant/Contestant need not have prior modeling experience is not a condition for entry.
  • Entry Form Completion



In order to complete their entry, entrants will need to complete the steps below

  • Read the Mrs. Heritage International Kenya terms and conditions, Entry Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy
  • Complete the entry form on the website and answer all the questions.
  • Attach two high-quality photographs to the online entry form.
  • Attach a copy of a valid Kenyan ID
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee of Kes 4,500, which is payable Via MPESA till Number 8017169
  • Successful entry will be confirmed by a website-generated confirmation email to the entrant’s specified email address.
  • Once all the steps above are completed, entrants will be emailed by the Mrs. Heritage International Kenya office and will receive further information.
  • A valid operational email address must be completed on the entry form by the entrant, in order to allow Mrs. Heritage International Kenya to communicate with all entrants.
  • Should an entrant not provide a valid working email address, Mrs. Heritage International Kenya will not be held responsible for any comms they do not receive.

All cancellations of entry or withdrawal of entry must be submitted in writing and addressed to the National Director,, and a CC to